ATB 20 – Project report abstracts

January 25, 2015

In ATB session 20, Dec. 22. we gathered to compete the course with the discussion of the project reports. Even though the course is now ending, the projects will continue. Here are the abstracts of the reports. If you would like to know more about any particular project, contact Sari, Mona or Ralf directly.

Sari Volanen

My final report from Abt course is a working paper of my project “Short film day event” that takes place around the world on 21st of December on the shortest day of the year. The event was organized in Finland the second time this year.
The short film day event consists of

● short film clubs showing shorts all December
● the possibility to organize pop­up short film festivals during the weekend of 19.­21.12.
● campaign web page
● Tv screening of shorts for 4 hours on Yle Teema channel 21.12.
● a new mobile application to see Finnish shorts and find pop­up festivals on a map.

In my report I present the content of the event and statistics from last year’s event.
I also bring out the challenges and practical matters in organizing this event. Finally I consider possible answers to the questions that rose during the process such as: what is the concept itself, is the event a new distribution method for short films, could the event work as new method of making money with shorts, what are the positive and negative aspects of voluntary work, how the application can be further developped and the important question who is watching shorts?.
The report was written before the final results of this year’s event are available. My plan is to follow­up with the question of the short film consumers.

Mona Taponen

Media Art Rental Service M.A.R.S is a service concept and a mobile friendly website focused on renting and acquiring media art, which I started to develop in the autumn 2014 on “Art, Technology and Business” course. I wanted to create a service that would make renting and acquiring media art easy and more popular, and through which media artists would be easy to reach.

How to bring media art out from the galleries and underground happenings closer to our everyday lives? Music has always been an essential part of events and parties. It is easy to find and book orchestras and DJs through music agencies and websites like or Instead of hiring a band in your event, why not create an unforgettable experience for your guests by renting an interactive art piece, booking an audio visual live performance or hiring a new media artist to design a customized work just for your needs.

Ralf Baumann

The main agenda of the project was to monitor the quantity and quality of online conversations in the social media space in relation to top Finnish brands as well as their behaviour and online discourse activity. The project was done as a collaboration between ZipipopFreud, a Helsinki based social media marketing consultancy, Meltwater Finland, a software as a service company (SaaS) founded originally in Norway and Aalto University located in Helsinki and Espoo.

ZipipopFreud initiated the project to test theories of social media monitoring and engagement strategies with a hands on approach to see, if Meltwater’s Buzz social media monitoring tool could be used to find relevant conversation spaces to interact with and if there was a opportunity for businesses to proactively take part in the discourse. According to ZipipopFreud, if brands wish to have an influence on the discourse happening through social media, they need to actively monitor chosen topics and efficiently take part in the conversation to have an effect in their favor.

During the project social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Finnish language message boards (2plus, Suomi 24), a variety of blogs and reviews, as well as news feeds from a plethora of domestic sources were monitored with the help of a social media monitoring tool Meltwater Buzz.

Relevant discussions were found with the provided tool, although their constant monitoring was labour intensive. Companies should identify key areas of interest and concentrate their marketing resources on the chosen topics to have a lasting impact on the agendas. Also proper conversation conduct and privacy aspects of the method were considered and analysed during the project.

ATB 19 – Feedback

December 8, 2014

In ATB session 19, Dec. 9. we were looking forward to the lecture on crowd funding by Tanja Jänicke from Mesenaatti, organised by Production Clinic at the Departement of Media. Unfortunately the lecture was canceled.

So we decided to use the afternoon for discussing the contents and the structure of the ATB-course and the possibilities for developing the course further. We all feel that the course could benefit from reorganisation. If you have attended the first part of the course and would like to give feedback, feel free to contact Heidi Tikka at the Aalto University. All feedback will be greatly appreciated.

ATB 18 – Writing a good report

December 7, 2014

In ATB session 18, Nov. 17. we discussed the making of a good project report. The lecture notes are available in the ATB course Dropbox folder.

ATB 17 – Project development

November 5, 2014

In ATB session 17, Nov. 4. we discussed Sari Volanen’s project. The successful concept of the “Lyhytelokuvapäivä” event took off last year in the shortest of the day 21.12.2013. In the next round the concept is developed further.

“Short film day event:
- the evaluation of last year’s event
- discovering improvements to 2014 focusing on an app and social media strategy.

Main question is: how to reach new audiences through the event and the application. Other question is how a group of voluntary people organize themselves in creating the event. What an event means to an enterprise that looks for new means engaging audiences?”

ATB 16 – Project development

November 5, 2014

In ATB session 16, Oct. 27. we gathered some hands on experience with writing grant applications.

In addition we discussed Mona Taponen’s new approach to media art and marketing.

“Media Art Rental Service, M.A.R.S is a mobile friendly website, through which you can rent and buy new media art. The goal is to bring new media art out from the galleries closer to our everyday lives. M.A.R.S can be a good addition for what traditional entertainment agencies are offering today. The brand of the service emphasizes the memorable experiences we can get through media art.”